The Tatiana Show-Matt Asher & Bill Ottman

Topics include:

— Social Media Platforms
— Online Identity Management
— Decentralized Publishing
— Free Speech
— Censorship
— Privacy
— Hate Speech and Internet Trolls
— Technical Features of Blockchain-Based Projects

As a musician and an activist, I’ve used social media to varying degrees of success. But we have entered an era in which we are facing a lot of simple obstacles to reaching audiences on our social media platforms, as well as outright censorship and banning. So I’m happy for the chance to speak with two innovators in the blockchain social media landscape. 

Bill Ottman is co-founder and CEO of, a crypto social network.

Matt Asher is founder of Before the Ban, a decentralized service for online identity preservation.

Through their projects, they are pushing back on the limits and failures of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, and concretizing values of user control, decentralization, free speech, and privacy.

Matt recently released the white paper for Before The Ban, so I hope people will check it out. And I’m already making my 2nd post on for this episode!

Are you frustrated by your user experience on social media? Have you thought about using alternative platforms? Why or why not? Have you ever been banned? Do you have trouble gaining the reach and attention for your posts that you want? Comment below!

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About the Guests:

Matt Asher is founder of Before the Ban, a decentralized service for online identity preservation. Since 2014 he has worked with a number of startups in the space, including encrypted messaging services I.CX and Privacy Shell, and blockchain based securities platform Polymath. Matt has a background in math, statistics, and journalism

Bill Ottman is co-founder and CEO of Minds, a crypto social network. He is also a Fellow at the Boston Global Forum and active in the open source movement. Bill graduated from University of Vermont and currently resides in Connecticut.

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The Tatiana Show: Feat. Dash Force News and Crypto Rockstars


Hey y’all!  I really enjoyed talking with everyone today, and I know Josh did too 🙂  I have been interested in the use of cryptocurrency in South America, but we got a peek into Dash in Venezuela, arguably one of the most fertile grounds for this new technology.  In the midst of the horror, Dash and other cryptos are finding their way on the ground to help people get around the inflation.  When I say inflation, I mean it’s estimated to hit 1,000,000% this year!

We also had on Thorsten from Crypto-Rockstars.  Check out the online conference Nov 26-28!

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About the Guests:

Mark Mason  is the director of PR & Media, International Outreach & Webmaster for DashForceNews & Discover Dash

Joël Valenzuela is the editor of Dash Force News. He is a veteran writer and journalist in the cryptocurrency space, having written for Cointelegraph and the Dash Times, as well as for his personal site, The Desert Lynx. He also manages civic action organization the Rights Brigade and runs a taekwondo club.

Thorsten Hunsicker is a fashion designer turned online marketer and obsessed with the possibilities of the Blockchain technology that is about to transform our future. He is one of the event organizers of the Crypto-Rockstars Online Conference, where we talk with our awesome interview guests about anything related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The conference will be available through a live stream on 3 days during November 23th to 26th, so go check it out at If you should miss a session, you can always buy a ticket to access the recordings for the next 12 months, so feel free to join in on the conversation!
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