The Tatiana Show #268 Let’s Talk Tokens With Adam B. Levine

After discussing some important information regarding purchasing Bitcoin, CoinDesk editor, Adam B. Levine discusses the advent of the Tatiana Coin and intention behind tokens in modern commerce. Referencing many projects Adam and Tatiana Moroz participated in, the discussion leads to real world examples of where token technology and blockchain technologies can improve the quality of […]

The Tatiana Show – Lyn Ulbricht of

 Topics Include: — Updates on the effort to free Ross — Privacy concerns with due process — The petition to grant a pardon — Motion to drop charges About the Guests: — Lyn Ulbricht is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, a peaceful 33-year old and alleged creator of the Silk Road website. Ross was […]

The Tatiana Show – CoinDaddy & Chris Tse of CardStack

YouTube Video Here! Topics Include: — Decentralization and user-friendly solutions for crypto currencies — Open Source and shared experiences — Pop-culture, music and Bitcoin — The art of ‘hodling’ BitCoin About the Guests: — CoinDaddy got his start in Cryptocurrency in 2013 as an investor and entrepreneur. In 2017 he decided to meme his way […]

The Tatiana Show – Rob Viglione of ZenCash & Hannah Rosenberg of Velas Commerce

YouTube Video Here! Topics include: — ZenCash updates on the recent 51% attack — Upcoming forks — Let’s Talk BitCoin events — Upcoming events promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain tech About the Guests: — Hannah Rosenberg is an e-commerce web developer, educator and entrepreneur with a degree in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. […]

The Tatiana Show – Distributed: Markets (Chicago) multiple interviews with the top minds from Zen Protocol, Republic Crypto, Kraken, VeriBlock, Torus Alliance, Leverj Exchange, Bond.One, Vulcanize & Blockdaemon

Topics include: — Blockchain technology, coding, scaling, programming, cryptocurrency, financial regulations, investing, trends, analysis, products and services and more! About the Guests: – Adam Perlow (min. mark 00:20) is the CEO of Zen Protocol, a finance grad from the IDC, an Israeli army reservist, and an old hand in Bitcoin. – Ayesha Kiani (min. mark 04:00) […]

The Tatiana Show – Maxwell Sanchez of Veriblock & Michael Vogel of Netcoins

YouTube video here! Topics include: — Promoting widespread adoption of crypto currency by providing access. — Navigating regulations in different countries when it comes to cryptocurrencies. — The value of proof-of-work in blockchain tech and how it helps to decentralize, promote reliability. — Overcoming censorship efforts utilizing blockchain. About the Guests: – Michael Vogel is […]

The Tatiana Show – George Burke, Chandra Duggirala of Tides & Sunny Ray of UnoCoin

YouTube video here! Topics include: — Insurance through peer-to-peer and blockchain technology. — Empowering the individual through free-market solutions. — Bitcoin and the challenges of navigating regulations foreign and domestic. About the Guests: — Chandra Duggirala and George Burke are the founders of Tides, a distributed network of peer-to-peer insurance, which puts the power of […]

The Tatiana Show – Travis Dean of SF Bitcoin Meetup & My Curio Cards

YouTube video here! Topics include: — Blockchain ledger, artwork embedded  tokens and its applicability. — Scalability, flexibility, competition, forks and cryptocurrency. — Property Rights claims via tokens and cryptocurrency. About the Guests: Travis Dean is the organizer for the San Francisco Bitcoin meetup group, which has been running since 2010 and has around 7,000 members. […]