Anna & Joe of BitBrum and the CryptoFin Conference – The Tatiana Show Ep. 220

On this special episode of The Tatiana Show we have two great interviews with international crypto influencers Anna Agu from CryptoFin Conference of Estonia, and with Joe Ratheram MSc. of BitBrum in Birmingham, UK where Tatiana will be performing this coming November. Anna clues us in on the rapid expansion of crypto within the small […]

Rigel Walshe – The Tatiana Show Ep. 219

On this episode of The Tatiana Show we talk with a speaker from the Baltic Honeybadger Bitcoin Conference, Rigel Walshe. Walshe went from working in government to finding a unique way to integrate his heavy metal music career with blockchain technology. He is a firm believer that “Bitcoin is a tool that is going to […]