Will Madden – The Tatiana Show Ep. 60

Topics Include: –“An Original Performance by Tatiana Moroz” –“The Problems with Money Transmitting” –“The Conspiracy of Compliance” –“Have Banks Taken Advantage of Blockchain Yet?” About the Guest: – Will Madden (founder and CEO of bridge21, a web and mobile-based service that lets you send and store money in any currency) is a financial services veteran […]

Matt Philips – The Tatiana Show Ep. 61

Topics Include: –“What is the Free State Project?” –“The Importance of Community” –“Scammers” –“Why Liberty?” About the Guests: – Matt Philips majored in Politics at Princeton and interned at the Cato Institute along with FSP founder Jason Sorens before joining Internet advertising pioneer DoubleClick in New York City. He then co-founded Right Media, purchased by […]

Andrii of Ambisafe, Megan of ProjectNextUp & Carey of Anti-Media – The Tatiana Show Ep. 62

 Topics Include: –“Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)” –“HEROES Conference” –“Women in the Music Industry” –“Independent Media” –“Research Tips” About the Guests: -Andrey, CEO of Ambisafe, has been writing code since he was 9 and pioneering cryptocurrency development since 2010. Together with his team he has built multiple first of their kind blockchain projects including wallets, […]

Kevin McKernan of Courtagen Life Sciences & Justin Colletti of Sonic Scoop – The Tatiana Show Ep. 64

YouTube video here! Topics Include: –“Sequencing DNA” –“Marijuana in Professional Sports” –“Individualized Medicine” –“Intelligent Property” –“How to Sustain a Music Career” About the Guests: – Kevin McKernan is currently the CSO of Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. Prior to joining Courtagen, Kevin was the founder and CEO of Medicinal Genomics Corporation. Medicinal Genomics made world-wide news in […]

Benji Rogers Of PledgeMusic and Dotblockchain – The Tatiana Show Ep. 65

Topics Include: –“How Blockchains Are Funding Musicians” –“The dotblockchain Music Project” –“The Music Industry Has No Assets” –“Solving Problems in the Music Industry” About the Guest: Benji Rogers is the Media CEO and co-founder of PledgeMusic which is one of the leading, global direct-to-fan platform. PledgeMusic is dedicated to empowering artists, labels and brands to build […]

Stephanie Murphy & Jess Branas – The Tatiana Show Ep. 66

Topics Include: –“Dating” –“The Types of Lesbians” –“The Multitude of Genders” –“Difference Between Genders Picking Up Women” About the Guests: – Stephanie is a professional female voice talent with over seven years of experience in the industry, having voiced hundreds of projects – from tech explainer videos to medical e-learning to radio and TV advertisements. […]

Caitlin Long of Symbiont.io & Mark Dukas of BitcoinSmartMoney.com – The Tatiana Show Ep. 67

YouTube video here! Topics Include: –“How Bitcoin Has Changed Mainstream Finance” –“The Reaction of Finance to Blockchains” –“Bitcoin Allows Everyone to Invest for Once” –“Sticking Within Bitcoin” About the Guests: – Caitlin Long is the Chairman & president of enterprise blockchain company, Symbiont which was named FinTech Company of the Year 2017 by CustodyRisk. – Mark Dukas is a full time […]

Lyn Ulbricht of FreeRoss.org & Jeremy Epstein of Never Stop Marketing – The Tatiana Show Ep. 80

Topics include: –“Blockchains in the Mainstream: When Will Everyone Else Know” –“Bitcoin vs Blockchains?” –“Free Ross-A-Thon Review” –“An Important Update on the Ross Ulbricht Case” About the Guests: — Jeremy Epstein is the CEO of Never Stop Marketing, has 20 years of international marketing experience in helping to bring innovative technologies into the mainstream. — Lyn Ulbricht is […]

Free Ross, the Appeal – The Tatiana Show Ep. 109

YouTube video here! Topics include: – Ross Ulbricht case updates About the Guests: – Lyn Ulbricht is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the Silk  Road website. Ross was convicted of seven felony counts in February 2015. Deeply involved with her son’s defense, Lyn has worked to bring  awareness to the case through FreeRoss.org, media interviews, […]