Darryl W. Perry of Free Talk Live & cryptograffiti – The Tatiana Show Ep. 82

Topics include: –“Election 2016” –“The Nature of Voting” –“Microtipping and Art” –“Spreading Crypto Through Art” About the Guests: – Darryl W. Perry has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty. Darryl is an award winning author, publisher & radio/TV host. He is a regular contributor to several […]

Spells Of Genesis – The Tatiana Show Ep. 124

YouTube video here! Topics include: – Blockchain and cryptocurrency as core elements of the in-game economy About the Guests: – Erik Voorhees represents, ShapeShift, a revolutionary part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The platform gives you the power to quickly swap between assets – no account required. – Shaban Shaame is the CEO & Founder of EverdreamSoft and the […]