Blockchain Education Network – The Tatiana Show Ep. 172

The Blockchain Education Network is an organization helping students interact with cryptocurrency for years now.  Upon seeing Eric Pinos at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, I know I had to get an update for the audience.  How does this group work exactly? Can your business support their efforts? What are the students learning? […]

Amir Taaki & Lyn Ulbricht – The Tatiana Show Ep. 58

Topics Include: –“Silk Road, DPR, and Ross Ulbricht” –“The Nature of Bitcoin” –“Can Anarchy Work?” –“Revolutionary Visions” About the Guest: – Amir Taaki created the first full reimplementation of the bitcoin protocol named libbitcoin, worked on the bitcoin client Electrum and created other command line utilities around bitcoin and the network. The bitcoin standardization procedure […]

Bill Barhydt of Abra & Joachim De Koning of Internet Of Coins – The Tatiana Show Ep. 71

Topics include: –“What is Abra?” –“The Importance of Reaching to Developing Markets” –“What is the Internet of Coins?” –“The Importance of Being Coin Agnostic” About the Guests: – Bill Barhydt is the Founder and CEO of Abra, the world’s first global, peer-to-peer digital cash transfer network. Abra enables US dollars to be stored digitally, directly […]

PA Libertarian Treasurer Candidate James Babb & Jonathan Mohan of BitcoinNYC – The Tatiana Show Ep. 81

YouTube video here! Topics include: –“The Coming Free Ross-A-Thon” –“The Importance of Jury Nullification” –“Donald Trump is Good for Bitcoin” –“Coinbase and the IRS” About the Guests: – James Babb is the Pennsylvania Libertarian Treasurer Candidate. – Jonathan Mohan has been working full time in the bitcoin and blockchain space for over three years with a focus on business […]

Dor Konforty & Greg Meredith of Synereo – The Tatiana Show Ep. 88

YouTube video here! Topics include: – Decentralization – Blockchain tech – Facebook paranoia – Future of social media About the Guests: – Dor, CEO of Synereo, is an expert on collaboration on the net and the wisdom of crowds. He has a master’s degree in neurobiology from an interdisciplinary brain research program in Tel-Aviv University, […]

Gene Kavner of IPayYou & Shidan Gouran Of The Blockchain Event – The Tatiana Show Ep. 93

Topics include: – User-friendly element within Blockchain tech – Google and Amazon’s failure to adopt Blockchain tech – The value of Linkedin – The Toronto Blockchain Conference  – Las Vegas Freedomfest About the Guests: – Gene is the CEO of iPayYou, “The World’s Easiest, Safest & Most Useful Bitcoin Wallet”. Gene also served as an […]

William Kehl Of Coinigy & Perianne Boring Of Digital Chamber – The Tatiana Show Ep. 108

YouTube video here! Topics: – Current cryptocurrency market – Saving and investing About the Guests: – William Kehl, President of Coinigy Inc, is an early Bitcoin adopter, miner, trader, developer and designer. He founded iPhoneFreelancer and several other successful startups over the years. Formerly Director of Web Operations for a global VOIP provider, William is […]

John Light of Bitseed – The Tatiana Show Ep. 115

Topics discussed: – Breaking down the roles of different actors and computers required for efficient blockchain tech – How p2p and crypto currencies fundamentally work About the Guest: – John Light is product marketer at Abra, co-founder of Bitseed, author of Bitcoin: Be Your Own Bank, free software advocate and contributor, and adviser to cryptocurrency startups and investors. He co-organized […]

Luis Molina of Fermat – The Tatiana Show Ep. 118

Topics include: – Spreading BitCoin worldwide About the Guest: – Luis Molina is the founder of Fermat and CEO of BitDubai. Fermat is a p2p financial application framework that allows standalone crypto wallets to evolve into any kind of trust-less financial applications and BitDubai is a network of developers, designers and academics building the first implementation […]