Will Madden – The Tatiana Show Ep. 60

Topics Include: –“An Original Performance by Tatiana Moroz” –“The Problems with Money Transmitting” –“The Conspiracy of Compliance” –“Have Banks Taken Advantage of Blockchain Yet?” About the Guest: – Will Madden (founder and CEO of bridge21, a web and mobile-based service that lets you send and store money in any currency) is a financial services veteran […]

Caitlin Long of Symbiont.io & Mark Dukas of BitcoinSmartMoney.com – The Tatiana Show Ep. 67

YouTube video here! Topics Include: –“How Bitcoin Has Changed Mainstream Finance” –“The Reaction of Finance to Blockchains” –“Bitcoin Allows Everyone to Invest for Once” –“Sticking Within Bitcoin” About the Guests: – Caitlin Long is the Chairman & president of enterprise blockchain company, Symbiont which was named FinTech Company of the Year 2017 by CustodyRisk. – Mark Dukas is a full time […]

Elizabeth McCauley of Coinsecure – The Tatiana Show Ep. 102

YouTube video here! Topics include: – Voting on the blockchain – The bitcoin space in India About the Guests: – Elizabeth works as Global Business Development Head for Coinsecure, the lead Indian Bitcoin exchange. She also serves on the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors and on the Board of Code to Inspire, the first Girls’ […]

John Light of Bitseed – The Tatiana Show Ep. 115

Topics discussed: – Breaking down the roles of different actors and computers required for efficient blockchain tech – How p2p and crypto currencies fundamentally work About the Guest: – John Light is product marketer at Abra, co-founder of Bitseed, author of Bitcoin: Be Your Own Bank, free software advocate and contributor, and adviser to cryptocurrency startups and investors. He co-organized […]

Liz Reitzig of Nourishing Liberty – The Tatiana Show Ep. 122

YouTube video here! Topics include: – The importance of real food in the pursuit of liberty – Raw milk – The possibility of crypto currency helping fund small farmers About the Guest: – Liz Reitzig is a public relations expert, writer, public speaker, political activist and entrepreneur. She is a co-founder of the Farm Food Freedom Coalition, a […]

Joshua Scigala of Vaultoro – The Tatiana Show Ep. 126

YouTube video here! Topics include: –  How to buy Gold with crypto About the Guests: – Joshua Scigala is a distinguished designer, animator & entrepreneur. Initially training as a designer and and special effects artist in Adelaide & Sydney, Australia, Joshua went on to establish himself as a sought after senior designer in some of […]