Cindy Chin of CLC Advisors, Mary Ruwart author of “Death by Regulation” & Brittany Hunter of – The Tatiana Show Ep. 31

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Topics include:
— Blockchain and the advantages it provides to entrepreneurs.
— Over-regulation in the pharmaceutical and medicinal industries.
— How blockchain, the message of liberty and feminism all come together.

About the Guests:
Cindy Chin, CEO CLC Advisors. LLC. CLC Advisors, LLC is a firm of trusted advisors and management consultants focusing on development and execution strategies to build and incubate value-based business ventures and innovation. They work with global businesses, government institutions and organizations in both the private, public, and social sectors.

Dr. Mary J. Ruwart, author of her new book “Death by Regulation“, is a research scientist, ethicist, and a libertarian author/activist. She received her B.S. in biochemistry in 1970 and her Ph.D. in Biophysics in 1974 (both from Michigan State University). She subsequently joined the  Department of Surgery at St. Louis University and left her Assistant Professorship there to accept a position with The Upjohn Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1976. As a senior research scientist, Dr. Ruwart  was involved in developing new therapies for a variety of diseases,  including liver cirrhosis and AIDS.

Brittany Hunter is an Associate Editor at the Foundation for Economic Education. Brittany studied political science at Utah Valley University with a minor in Constitutional studies. Feeling as though there was something missing from her college education, Brittany stumbled into the world of free market economics online, and has taken a vested interest in the subject. Pursuing economics as a hobby, Brittany often takes a millennial approach to her writing, hoping to show her peers how much they rely on free market marvels, like the sharing economy, in their daily lives.

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