The Tatiana Show – Cryptolina 2018 Edition: Multiple live interviews!

Topics Include:
— Get the scoop from some of the most prominent and major cryptocurrency players and organizations in this special episode.

About the Guests:

— 00:15 Faruk Okcetin, founder and organizer of Cryptolina

— 03:41 Luis Buenadventura of Bloom Solutions

— 07:15 Inna Rudaya of Efir

— 12:42 JC Crown of Foleum

— 19:14 Andrew Shook of NSDQmining

— 22:52 Ben Oberg of Millionare Mafia

— 26:25 Xiaochen Zhnag of Fintech4Good

— 30:47 Rosario Pabst of Zencash

— 33:27 Stephen Hyduchak of Bridge Protocol

— 38:34 Dawn Code of Unspecified

— 42:16 Tim Barbir of North Georgia Data

— 45:24 Valerian Bennet of Popchest

— 52:23 Michael Tozoni, a bitcoin economist, investor, and entrepreneur

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More Info:

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