Dor Konforty & Greg Meredith of Synereo – The Tatiana Show Ep. 88

YouTube video here!

Topics include:
– Decentralization
– Blockchain tech
– Facebook paranoia
– Future of social media

About the Guests:
Dor, CEO of Synereo, is an expert on collaboration on the net and the wisdom of crowds. He has a master’s degree in neurobiology from an interdisciplinary brain research program in Tel-Aviv University, working on neural networks. He also is a graduate of the Israeli Air Force IT unit. Dor has been living and breathing crypto since early 2011. A child of the Internet.

Greg, CTO of Synereo, was the principal architect of Microsoft’s Biztalk’s Process Orchestration, sparking several industry standards including WSDL (of which Greg is a co-author). Greg holds many patents and has published many papers, including seminal papers on reflective higher-order calculi. supports his math habit by working in computing.

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