Chris Karabats and Lily & John of Anarchaforko – The Tatiana Show Ep. 166

On this episode, we hear from the organizers of the Anarchaforko, Lily Forestor and John Galton. This unique conference is taking place in Acapulco, Mexico on February 22-24 and aiming to offer the attendees the chance to create their own experience. Use my code: Tatiana to receive a 15% off discount on  Then we get the inside scoop from Chris Karabats of SmartCash who is supporting my performance at Anarchaforko and making it all possible. SmartCash has been supporting a lot of amazing content creators in the space, especially those with a voice advocating freedom, so I was really interested to learn what makes this project special.  Tune in, and hear for yourself!

About the Guests:

Chris “Zaphoid” Karabats joined SmartCash as part of the support hive in early 2018 after leaving a 12 year career in IT. Chris purchased his first Bitcoin in 2013 and has been enthusiastic about how sound money cryptocurrency can help usher in the next renaissance of human development sence. He believes SmartCash is a strong player in the crypto as money space, and it’s strong focus on adoption and usage as a currency backed by sound economic principles, self funding, and decentralized governance sets it apart.

Lily Forester and John Galton are the organizers of Anarchaforko which is the original fork of Anarchapulco intended to decentralize the conference structure and return the anarchists to Acapulco Bay.  Our DIY conference structure is intended to promote a free market of goods, services and ideas all in the dynamic coastal city that is Acapulco, Mexico.  Our main events will be February 17, 22-24 at Hotel Copacabana with several weeks of other events throughout the bay.

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