The Tatiana Show #167 Obreahny O’Brien

Pitching blockchain to enterprise clients isn’t easy.  There are a lot of other considerations, and it can certainly be intimidating.  Luckily we are joined by Obreahny O’Brien, CEO of the Lenox Group and former product lead for Ernst and Young in their blockchain strategy group who has written a book called “Blockchain for CEOs : Ten Presentations to America’s Top Boardrooms” teaching the rest of us what is the best way to approach this.  It’s a little tricky, but Obreahny has made it simple in her book and in her breakdown on the Tatiana Show. Give it a listen, and learn how you can be more prepared to face the big companies you may need for your product.

About the Guests:

Obreahny is the CEO of Lenox Group – a New York City based fintech focused on developing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence products for companies and government agencies.

Prior to Lenox Group, Obreahny was the founding member and product lead for Ernst and Young’s blockchain strategy group servicing large financial institutions. She developed Ernst and Young’s capital raising token service offerings across a broad range of disciplines including: strategic planning; tax structuring; token ecosystem; and business model support.

In 2014, Obreahny co-developed, which was the first smart contracts platform that interacted with the Bitcoin multi-sig protocol.

Prior to her work in the technology sector, Obreahny gathered over 8 years of transaction advisory experience for bulge bracket private equity clients at KPMG.

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