Crypto in Bermuda – The Tatiana Show Ep. 173

I went to Bermuda a few times as a kid, and I always remember the pink sand.  Hearing about it from the local administration though, it sounds like an even better paradise for cryptocurrency.  It’s also only a 2.5 hour flight from NY, which is PRETTY APPEALING! Hear the answers to some questions you too probably have about what the benefits are to setting up shop in Bermuda?  How does it compare to the rest of the Caribbean? It’s always a challenge to find the most cutting edge jurisdiction, but the benefit of working in blockchain is that you’re not physically limited to where you are, at least not forever!  Listen on as I chat with Denis Pitcher and Wayne Smith from Bermuda to learn more about the regulatory environment and ecosystem.

About the Guests:

The Government of Bermuda consists of a Governor, a Deputy Governor, a Cabinet, and a Legislature based on two legislative chambers – a Senate and a House of Assembly.

Denis Pitcher is a tech co-founder and architect and his responsibility is to act as a technology visionary to pair his expertise in software design and development with his company’s vision and goals.

Denis’s task is to understand and combine a good user experience with adequate architecture of software and technology solutions to ensure business continuity and scalability. He evokes agile and customer development principles to put a process around the development of their product and continuously test their vision. This is built on a foundation of leading software development and architecture practices to ensure that they can react quickly to pivoting requirements and volatility in their business.

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