The Tatiana Show – Javi Sarcar of Furious Primates and Brian Sovryn of Sovryn Tech

Topics include:
–“Ron Paul and the Antiwar Message”
–“The Importance of Music in Liberty”
–“Cybersecurity for 2017”
–“The Reality of Government and Technology”

About the Guests:
Javi Sarcar is part of the band, Furious Primates, which presently has a crowdfundme campaign for their next music video. The first music video can be viewed here.

Brian Sovryn is the creator and host of the liberty tech podcast, Sovryn Tech, and is also a speaker, activist, cybersecurity specialist, game developer and Chief Troublemaker of Zomia Offline Games, and his been involved in the cypherpunk community for almost 20 years.

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