Matt Philips of The Free State Project & Rob Viglione of Zen – The Tatiana Show Ep. 54

Topics Include:
–“Sell the Whales!”
–“PorcFest 2017”
–“The Importance of Anonymous Payments”

About the Guests:
Matt Philips majored in Politics at Princeton and interned at the Cato Institute along with FSP founder Jason Sorens before joining Internet advertising pioneer DoubleClick in New York City. He then co-founded Right Media, purchased by Yahoo! in 2007. He now lives in New Hampshire, where he is an activist and investor. Matt is president of the FSP, since March 1, 2016. Previous appearance. 

Rob Viglione is a finance PhD candidate at UofSC with research interests in cryptofinance, bitcoin, asset pricing, and innovation. Part of the Core team launching and ZClassic, Co-Founder and CEO of Secure Blockchain Systems LLC, and Head of U.S. & Canada Ambassadors for BlockPay. Also teaches “Intro to Investments” and “Bitcoin & Blockchain Applications in Finance” at UofSC.

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