Stephanie Murphy of Let’s Talk Bitcoin – The Tatiana Show Ep. 103

YouTube video here!

Topics include:
– The LTB Network
– BDSM culture
– Life extension science
– ‘Free Ross’ announcement
Tatiana & Stephanie’s Bitcoin 101 video series

About the Guest:
Stephanie Murphy, PhD, is a voice actor whose credits include numerous video narrations, TV and radio ads for major national brands, dozens of audiobooks, as well as projects sprinkled throughout the liberty movement. She hosts the popular podcast Let’s Talk Bitcoin and has been using bitcoin since 2011. She has been a part of several other radio shows and podcasts since she began podcasting 2009. Stephanie has a PhD in Biochemistry, and in 2013 she left a career in medical research to follow her passion and become a voice actor. Stephanie volunteers at Fr33 Aid, a bitcoin based organization that provides free first aid coverage at events

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