Tiana Laurence author of “Blockchain for Dummies”, Jun Dam of 100xinvestors.com & Terry Brock – The Tatiana Show Ep. 47

Topics Include:
–“What is Factom?”
–“Blockchain for Dummies”
–“100x Investors Blockchain Summit
–“Tips & Strategy for Online Presence”

About the Guests:
Terry Brock is a communicator and a lover of liberty and freedom. He works with individuals and organizations on how they can generate more sales by leveraging technology to build strong relationships in business. He worked with Tatiana as the Master of Ceremonies for the Free Ross-A-Thon where we had over 14,000 people join us for the 8 hour Google Hangout and we raised over $50,000 of which 100% went to the Free Ross Defense Fund. Terry is in the professional speaker Hall of Fame, is a past Chief Enterprise Blogger for Skype, a syndicated columnist with Business Journals (over 11 million page views/month and in 43 papers coast-to-coast). Today Terry is here to help us learn about how we can live free in an unfree world (with gratitude to Harry Browne) using cryptocurrencies, leveraging technology, and building strong relationships.

Jun Dam is the organizer and head of the 100x Blockchain Investors Conference.

Tiana Laurence, She is also the author of Blockchain For Dummies, is the CMO and co-founder of Factom Inc, a blockchain-as-a-service company based in Austin, Texas. Under her leadership, the company secured a grant from The Gates Foundation and a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security to work on blockchain projects using Factom’s technology. Tiana has a column on TechTarget where she writes about blockchain and IoT. She is also the author of Blockchain For Dummies.

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Blockchain For Dummies Book

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