World Crypto Con Las Vegas: Mike Cernovich – The Tatiana Show Ep. 156

At the beginning of November, Tatiana traveled to Las Vegas for the World Crypto Convention.  There were a lot of interesting blockchain folks to talk to, but Michael Cernovich is a little different.  For this segment, Tatiana is joined by Sasha Hodder, blockchain attorney and host of the Hodlcast podcast.

Cernovich is a controversial journalist, writer, and filmmaker.  Michael has been on the activist scene for years, most recently in support of the 2016 Trump Election and he was instrumental in throwing of the Deploraball in DC.  While some may not agree with his politics, most that meet him admit he is a “nice guy.” We certainly found him to be kind and interesting, especially in his efforts to support Lyn Ulbricht by sharing the petition with his half a million Twitter followers.  We were very excited to learn (and get an early preview) of his upcoming film “Hoaxed” that exposes the media industry’s propaganda and the history of fake news.

About the Guests:

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.  Cernovich has reported everywhere from protests on the streets to the White House.  Congressman John Conyers resigned after Cernovich uncovered documents revealing a secret sexual harassment settlement. Cernovich’s latest film, Hoaxed, explores fake news, and will premiere on October 20th in Los Angeles.

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