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Josh is back with Tatiana to chat with our friend and returning guest, DJ J Scrilla on the latest episode of the Tatiana Show. 

Scrilla has been a DJ and record producer for over 20 years and, since discovering crypto in 2013, has been a main player in the crypto art and music scene.

He dishes on the crypto art and music space and his opinion on the Ethereum vs Counter-party debate, and the pros and cons of each. He discusses the future of tokens and initial coin offerings in the music and art industry.

We talk about his former podcast “Art on the Blockchain,” his new Bitcoin inspired album “Sound Money,” and his involvement in the upcoming Rare Digital Art Festival.

About the Guests:

DJ J Scrilla is the former co-host of the Art on the Blockchain Podcast and a weekly FM radio show on WERA 96.7FM in the DC area. He is a prominent member of the CryptoArt and CryptoMusic community and he’s carved out a career as a critically acclaimed record producer, audio engineer and DJ.  He has deep roots in both the traditional music industry and the blockchain network.

Scrilla first officially spoke about cryptoart at a Government blockchain meetup in DC in January 2017. A year later he spoke at the now legendary Rare Digital Art Festival in NYC.

Scrilla began making cryptoart in 2016 and has since become one of the most prolific artists in the blockchain space, having issued more than 40 cryptoart pieces. 

In addition, he has over 20 years of DJ and record producing experience and has carved out productions with hip hop legends such as Cassidy, Raekwon, Mobb Deep, Nipsey Hussle and hundreds more.

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Rare Scrilla

Check out DJ J-Scrilla’s New Album “Sound Money”

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