Kirk Phillips, The Bitcoin CPA – The Tatiana Show Ep. 180

I am excited to have Kirk Phillips on this episode, he has been a long time supporter of The Tatiana Show and has helped me personally with my taxes. On this episode he joins us to speak about what you can do when you are getting SIM card attacked! He has been a victim himself and will tell us his experience and advise us on how to increase our security and how to  step up our digital identity game.

Here are some ways to protect yourself:

The 7 Secret Weapons from Crushing a SIM Card Attack

Kirk’s Double SIM Card Attack Story

#1 on 1-18-19 and #2 on 1-26-19

First things first: Where are the enemies?

Three Main Enemies/Attackers

  1. a)   Yourself: In crypto you are your own worst enemy
  2. b)  The External Enemy (The Hackers)
  3. c)   The Enemy Within (The most dastardly of ALL)

1)    “The Golden Thread Principle” Bifurcate your emails:

  1.    Communications email
  2.    Username email
  3.     Never the same for both

2)    Password Manager: LAST PASS (A digital vault for all your sites and platforms)

3)    Encrypted email service: PROTONMAIL

  1.    Jurisdictional power
  2.    Self owned and operated servers (no AWS-3rd party servers)

4)    Email Aliases for Obfuscation

  1.    Special single use username emails
  2.    Examples: the protonmail login (creation email), icloud, ATT ie phone account, Last Pass, Mega-Dropbox etc., recovery emails

5)    Cold storage is for more than private keys

  1.    2FA backup code
  2.    Anything else that has a back up codes
  3.     One time back up codes
  4.    Last Pass ie password manager emails and passwords
  5.    Protonmail main email and password

6)    Bifurcate your phone numbers (same as golden rule above but for mobile numbers)

  1.    Communications mobile phone
  2.    2FA mobile phone
  3.     Google voice to obfuscate your communications # if you can only have one phone
  4.    Google Fi or pre-paid burner phone

7)    Business vs. Personal: Add more obfuscation by creating business accounts

  1.    Biz identity points: Biz name, State of formation (WY privacy state), phone number and physical address
  2.    Create a mobile carrier account in business name

About the Guests:

Kirk Phillips, aka the TheBitcoinCPA, is an entrepreneur, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a self-taught woodworker therefore an artist of sorts in all areas of life. He brings the same attention to detail necessary for creating finely crafted furniture into the business world. He is fanatical about technology, business processes, fraud prevention, time management, learning and peace of mind. When Kirk discovered Bitcoin at the end of 2013 it magnified and extended his passions leading him down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole, an experience described by many Bitcoiners. A friend of his asked for advice saying, “Kirk, my husband and I want to invest $800 in a computer to mine bitcoin and make some money. What do you think?” to which he responded, “I don’t know anything about Bitcoin, I’ll have to get back to you.” This simple question was the birth of The Ultimate Bitcoin Business Guide.

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