Ryan and Scott of Music for Liberty – The Tatiana Show Ep. 181

Scott and Ryan have been composing music together in the spirit of liberty since 2015.  I was lucky enough to meet them along the way in my journey, and have a great respect for artists that realize the need for a touch of freedom in the message.  It can be so powerful, as evidenced by Scott and Ryan’s work. We get into their journey, some of the challenges along the way for their political views, and some stories of success.  There have been a few notable releases we recommend, so please look in the bio below.

About the Guests:

Scott McRae and Ryan Rapsys founded Music for Liberty in 2015 in order to elevate the quality of music used in media focused around ideas of human liberty.  Since then, they have scored the feature film Little Pink House (about the Kelo vs. New London Supreme Court Case) for which they received the award for Best Score at the 2017 Anthem Film Festival, the documentary Can We Take a Joke? (which explores the intersection of comedy, free speech and outrage culture), and have provided music for media from organizations such as the Institute for Justice, Smock Media, The Atlas Society, Taliesin Nexus, Moving Picture Institute and others.  Their recent endeavor, the Composing Freedom Initiative, has two aims: 1) educate liberty-minded filmmakers about how to more effectively use music in their projects and 2) raise funds to augment the music budgets of media that celebrates human freedom and individualism.

Individually, they have each worked extensively in the entertainment industry. Scott has contributed his musical skills and knowledge to over 100 films and television shows, including Crazy Rich Asians, Fences, the Fast and Furious franchise, The Pursuit of Happyness, Rush Hour 3, the Final Destination franchise, and Cold Mountain. He founded and runs Janen Music, which provides quality music preparation services and rents music to orchestras for live

performance. He co-produced two Christmas albums, and his score for The Box was nominated for Best Score at the Madrid Film Festival in 2014.

For nearly two decades, Ryan has composed music for numerous feature films, short films, documentaries, theatrical productions and commercial projects. His score for the short film Stay won Best Original Score at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood in 2016. He’s also released electronic music under the aliases Transistorface, Microquasar and Pineriver. He’s composed classical music, with concert performances by small ensembles up to full orchestra. His production music has been used in hundreds of television shows, including Dateline NBC and The Today Show. He owns and operates Total Music Metadata, a music service business which catalogs, edits and optimizes music tracks for licensing for music libraries and organizations, with clients including top trailer music houses as well as the in-house music library for Discovery Communications. He’s also served as a music supervisor and music editor for numerous projects.

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