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Giacomo is a very respected member of the Bitcoin community, but I know him as a super funny guy that’s really fun to be around in a conference.  He has me in stitches every time we hang out, reminding me that in fact, the Italians are the best and I wish I was over there now having pasta and a laugh.  Seems like the crypto community in Italy, while somewhat small, is also lively. In this interview, I learn a bit about Giacomo’s background along with his views on maximalism, economics, and more.  It was a good conversation at a great conference (congrats to Tone Vays and his team at Unconfiscatable).

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Giacomo Zucco has a background as a Theoretical Physicist, he is a former Technology Consultant for Accenture since 2009 and a serial entrepreneur in the Bitcoin scene since 2013. In 2015 he funded the Milan-based research/development/incubation/consulting firm BlockchainLab (now moved to Switzerland), and is supporting the creation of a world-class competence center in the field. He now sponsors non-profit open source initiative in Bitcoin with the initiatives BHB Network and TheB.

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