Mark Edge of Free Talk Live – The Tatiana Show Ep. 200


Josh and I sat down with Mark Edge from the popular radio show Free Talk Live.  He has been a co-host for many years and they are even the first radio show to ever accept crypto for sponsorship!  I have been on Mark’s show many times, but this time the tables are turned and we are interviewing him. Since Mark has done a fair amount of research, we discuss optimal places to move in order to truly live free. Where should you go? Europe? Central America? New Hampshire? The answer is not as easy as pointing to a place on a map and everyone has their own definition of freedom.  We bounce some ideas off this pig farmer who became a pioneer in the crypto/media industry.   

About the Guests:

Mark Edge is the Host of the nationally syndicated radio program Free Talk Live. It is the #27 radio talk show in the US, was voted Best Political Podcast 5x and has had callers from every continent. Free Talk Live is live everyday from 7p-10p Eastern. Listen to it at Follow their Twitter @freetalklive. Call in about whatever is on your mind toll free 1-855-450-3733.

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