Ford Fischer of News2Share – The Tatiana Show Ep. 201

Before Josh and I sat down with Ford in this episode of the Tatiana Show, we caught up with Patrick from PorcFest.  After we learned all about this year’s event happening later this month in New Hampshire, we talked to Ford and the problems he is having with censorship on YouTube.  After two of his videos were deleted, YouTube decided to demonetize him, which is basically a death sentence for independent journalists who rely on revenue from the site to survive and continue their work.

Is this practice a violation of our 1st amendment rights and would it be wise to ask the government to get involved?  What other platforms are there that are available? Have incidents such as the shootings in New Zealand that were live streamed giving the platforms another reason to censor us?  What updates does he have regarding Chelsea Manning and the Wiki-Leaks drama? We discuss all of these topics and more on today’s episode.

About the Guests:

Ford Fischer is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of News2Share, an outlet that uses raw footage and livestream to cover activism and extremism. His work has been used in dozens of documentaries and films including Oscar and Emmy winners, and every major news network.

Photo is Ford doing a live hit for CBC  shot by Alejandro Alvarez

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