The Crypto Show – The Tatiana Show Ep. 202


Chuck and Danny from The Crypto Show stopped by to chat with Josh and myself.  The show has been on the air since 2013 and has made an impact beyond just entertainment.  They have helped feed the homeless in Austin, assisted with Hurricane Harvey relief, and were on-hand to help those affected by earthquakes in Mexico.

We ask them who their most interesting guests have been over the years and their thoughts on the future of crypto-currency and Facebook coin.  

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About the Guests:

Danny Sessoms is a Central Texas entrepreneur that not only accepts bitcoin for services but actively encourages other business’s to do so as well. After realizing the joke called the political system was not designed to help anyone, bitcoin was easily realized as an actual form of activism. As cohost and creative director Danny mixes various pro liberty topics with the ideas of decentralized technologies.

Chuck enjoys researching, understanding, and evangelizing the convergence of technology, economics, & philosophy in cryptocurrency & blockchains. He executes these activities as co-host of The Crypto Show (, as an advisor to blockchain/software projects, and orchestrating software product implementations with the Equa Start ( team.

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