TTS203- Joshua Scigala & Gabriel Escalona of Vaultoro

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Josh and I sat down with Gabriel Escalona and talked about his native Venezuela.  Though many of his family was able to leave the country before the recent events transpired, he still has many family and friends enduring unspeakable hardships.  From sending money to his family and medicine to his Grandmother, he speaks the raw truth about his experiences and weighs in on many misconceptions in the media. 

About the Guests:

Joshua Scigala, is the founder & CEO of Vaultoro. He is an award-winning designer, animator & entrepreneur. He has co-founded 5 technology startups as well as leading large technical teams. He was a pioneer in the sharing economy as well as in the blockchain space.

Gabriel Escalona is the CMO of Vaultoro. Gabriel is a communications expert & media producer. He has led several start-up teams into successful exists and IPOs in the last 8 years. He has a broad experience disrupting industries such as FinTech, Real Estate, Media and e-commerce.

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