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My first time in Seattle was made better by having an amazing opportunity to talk to the local Blockchain community about my work in music, activism, and crypto. My friend Arry Yu and I sit down to talk about how this technology is affecting the Pacific Northwest, what advantages there are to the region, community growth and impact, as well as for a new podcast with her husband, Dae.

About the Guests:

Arry Yu is the founding Chair of the Cascadia Blockchain Council and Board Member with the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA).  She also serves as the Managing Director of Yellow Umbrella Ventures advising and investing in technology companies with six companies in their portfolio to date. Her focus is on PR and Strategy for Yellow Umbrella’s clients.

An innovator, inventor and writer, she is widely published: Forbes, CNN Money, Huffington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Puget Sound Business Journal, Geekwire, Retailing Today, and Seattle Times. Additionally, over the years, Arry has worked regularly with both investors and development across four continents to launch both SaaS and consumer products. 

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