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Joel Bowman, a writer who has written from more than 85 countries, was our special Vaultoro guest this week.  Tatiana and Josh have a long history with him, and have met with him across Europe and in Argentina. We discuss the impact of sound money, the future of economics, free markets, and more about Joel’s work with previous Tatiana Show guest Doug Casey.

About the Guests:

Joel Bowman is an independent writer, speaker and incurable peripatetic with over 15 years publishing experience.

During his professional career, Joel has written from more than 85 countries, a dozen of which he called temporary home. His columns have appeared in well known libertarian outlets, such as,, and The Daily Reckoning, which he managed for 5 years with Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin. Joel speaks regularly at conferences in North and South America as well as in Europe and his birth country, Australia. Topics of interest include philosophical anarchism, internationalization, cryptocurrency and the decentralization revolution.

Joel is also a novelist, currently penning his second work of literary fiction and host of the upcoming podcast, The Joel Bowman Show.

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