Derrick Freeman of Anypay – The Tatiana Show Ep. 213

It is never a dull moment when Derrick Freeman stops by.  We talked about using the Anypay app to pay with crypto everywhere, from drag queen shows in New Hampshire, to getting a cup of coffee in NYC.  They even have cash back incentives if you use crypto to pay for everyday items. He recently attended PorcFest and helped raise $10,000 toward the Free Ross campaign.   We were sad that Josh could not make it to this conversation though, I know he was looking forward to it. Speaking of which, thank you so much to our sponsors Vaultoro and Salt Lending.  Be sure to share our show on your socials.  

About the Guests:

Derrick J Freeman is all about having fun and leading by example. That’s why for years he helps small and large business owners take Bitcoin from their customers, and closing the loop by using the bitcoin to buy products for their business. He is the chief marketing officer of a software business called Anypay based in the Free State of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He and his partner created a Bitcoin Village there where they can eat, work, and play with bitcoin. Together they build tools to make bitcoiners’ lives easier and more fun, such as the Anypay Point of Sale app, Bitcoin Cash Back, and AntiWallet.

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