About Us

About the Show

“The Tatiana Show” podcast talks about politics, activism, blockchain, music, and how to combine them all to help the world. Tatiana Moroz, co-host Joshua Scigala, and special guests chat about all kinds of exciting topics from technology, the arts, and the Bitcoin revolution in a casual conversation that a layman can understand.  The show tapes weekly and airs over several networks including Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Liberty.me, LRN.fm, ipmNation, and many more.  The show was founded in 2014 and averages over 5,000 listeners per show.

Our Format

The show is recorded live with video/audio over Google Hangouts and has a commitment time of 1.5 hours.  The first 30 minutes is sound check, but if that is completed in a shorter amount of time, we may begin to tape sooner.  The show run time is usually 1 hour and guests appear on air for 10-30 minutes, or occasionally for the full hour. It is then posted on various outlets like Soundcloud, Youtube, Itunes, and more.

Next Steps…

If you think you would be a good fit for the Tatiana Show, submit your information (bio, contact info, time zone, reason for appearance) to us at Sarah@CryptoMediaHub.com.

If you would like to be a sponsor of the Tatiana Show, please contact Sarah@CryptoMediaHub.com.

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