The Tatiana Show-World Crypto Con Las Vegas with Bryan Katis, Henry James , Chris Horlacher

Recently Tatiana traveled to Las Vegas for the World Crypto Convention.  There were a lot of interesting blockchain folks to talk to, and of course financial applications to discuss.  For this segment, Tatiana is joined by Joshua Scigala the CEO of Vaultoro and Sasha Hodder, blockchain attorney and host of the Hodlcast podcast.

Tatiana, Josh, and Sasha discuss the various projects featured by some colleagues at the conference.  They include a chat with Bryan Katis of, a trust platform that functions a bit like a decentralized credit bureau, but far more advanced.  The ladies spoke with Henry James from Fincross, a next-generation digital investment bank based in Mauritius that aims to serve institutional, corporate, intermediary and private clients in B2C, B2B and P2P environments.  The jurisdiction piqued Sasha’s interests, and we got an in depth look at the benefits to working in Mauritius. Finally, a more in depth conversation with Equibit’s Co-Founder, President & CEO, Chris Horlacher, breaks down some of the advantages of moving a project to Switzerland, along with the latest developments at Equibit including launching their main net and allowing for mining of their token.  


About the Guests:

Bryan Katis Chief Product Officer, Trust Science /

Bryan is a senior executive and thought leader with 23+ years’ experience in Enterprise Software focused on building Analytics and Mobile products that delight customers.  He is responsible for the product strategy and roadmap, customer adoption, and technical sales support. Prior to joining Trust Science, Bryan led the Product group at Host Analytics where his team was driving innovation and strategy, and the suite of products was recognized as visionary by analysts.  Bryan also led the Customer Success team at Anaplan where he owned the complete customer lifecycle and achieved high customer sat scores. In addition, Bryan spent more than 15 years at SAP in various global leadership roles including as the General Manager of the Enterprise Performance Management business which he grew to become the market leader ($750M in revenue).  Bryan holds a BBA in Finance from the University of Georgia.

Henry James  is an entrepreneur, currency trader, analyst and fund manager.  Henry has been trading FX and cryptocurrency since 2011 and 2016 respectively.  Following his post on the FX desk at PE Capital, Henry launched a quant FX fund and business accelerator, Rolle Capital.

Since inception in 2014, Henry managed the trade desk in Mumbai overseeing the investment team and testing of new algorithmic strategies until stepping down to focus on new venture, Fincross.

Chris Horlacher is one of the foremost authorities on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  As the CEO of Equibit Group, he applies his deep understanding of the space into all facets of his professional career, leading the vision and development of blockchain technology that promises to revolutionize the securities industry.

Chris began his career as an auditor at a Big Four accounting firm.  Before the age of 30, he was the CFO of a start-up stock brokerage that now manages over $4 billion in assets. Following that, Chris went on to found his own management consulting firm, playing an instrumental role in the success of numerous start-ups as well as multi-million-dollar projects for some of Canada’s largest companies, SME’s and non-profit organizations.

As an early adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Chris is often looked to for his insights on these emerging and exciting sectors. He has been interviewed by a number of leading media outlets, including Reuters, Bloomberg, The Globe and Mail (leading Canadian newspaper) and CBC (Canada’s public broadcaster) , and has also spoken to large audiences at countless prominent industry events since 2014.

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The Tatiana Show: World Crypto Con Las Vegas: Mike Cernovich

At the beginning of November, Tatiana traveled to Las Vegas for the World Crypto Convention.  There were a lot of interesting blockchain folks to talk to, but Michael Cernovich is a little different.  For this segment, Tatiana is joined by Sasha Hodder, blockchain attorney and host of the Hodlcast podcast.

Cernovich is a controversial journalist, writer, and filmmaker.  Michael has been on the activist scene for years, most recently in support of the 2016 Trump Election and he was instrumental in throwing of the Deploraball in DC.  While some may not agree with his politics, most that meet him admit he is a “nice guy.” We certainly found him to be kind and interesting, especially in his efforts to support Lyn Ulbricht by sharing the petition with his half a million Twitter followers.  We were very excited to learn (and get an early preview) of his upcoming film “Hoaxed” that exposes the media industry’s propaganda and the history of fake news.

About the Guests:

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.  Cernovich has reported everywhere from protests on the streets to the White House.  Congressman John Conyers resigned after Cernovich uncovered documents revealing a secret sexual harassment settlement. Cernovich’s latest film, Hoaxed, explores fake news, and will premiere on October 20th in Los Angeles.

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The Tatiana Show- Naomi Brockwell & Kevin Mckernan

Highlights include:

• Sequencing the cannabis genome
• The process of submitting a project for funding from the Dash DAO
• The banking crisis in the cannabis industry
• Medical marijuana and CBD oil
• Obstacles posed to the cannabis industry by the US government
• Will the Trump administration legalize cannabis?
• How blockchain can become part of popular culture
• Reclaiming the mainstream narrative of bitcoin and blockchain technology
• The recent Facebook purge and alternative social media platforms

We’re moving to a new audio format! While I enjoy seeing the lovely faces of all my guests, we are trying some new things for The Tatiana Show. Audio-only enables me to work with less bandwidth while I’m recording shows on the road, and makes for easier editing. This means listeners will get more regular, top quality episodes!

Thank you always to The Tatiana Show sponsors:, The Bitcoin CPA, CryptoCompare, and my marketing company, Crypto Media Hub.

Kevin Mckernan kicks off this episode and treats us to his extraordinary range of knowledge and experiences from the cannabis and cryptocurrency spaces. Kevin has spent his career researching and developing various DNA sequencing technologies in both the research and clinical industries. He is the CSO and Founder of Medicinal Genomics.

Kevin explains how he obtained funding for his cannabis genome sequencing project from the Dash DAO. For people who don’t know, Dash is a cryptocurrency that not only uses its fees to pay miners, like Bitcoin does, but also puts tokens from its fees into a treasury. People can then propose projects to Dash stakeholders and receive money from that fund.

The Patent and Trade Office (PTO) has posed various obstacles to the cannabis industry, particularly through a controversial and overly broad patent issued in 2015, which Kevin helped to oppose. We also discuss the banking crisis in cannabis and in general how governments have stifled cannabis research and innovation for generations.

Mckernan explains that “through prohibition, everyone started breeding for high THC, and that has come at the cost of all the other cannabinoids not being made” (20:23). There are rarer cannabinoids, with more therapeutic effects. Kevin and his team targeted one of those rarer strains to sequence for their Dash project. We also delve into some examples of diseases and ailments that can be aided by cannabis and CBD oils.

At 24:00, Kevin treats us to a brief world history of cannabis, discussing how different strains originated in different parts of the world. The earliest cannabis was present 20 million years ago in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Ancient people grew hemp for its fibers, which were useful for making sails for their ships.

Do you think the Trump administration will legalize marijuana? We discuss how new cannabis industries have affected the American economy and how Canada’s recent legalization of cannabis could force the Trump administration’s hand in U.S. policy-making (34:00).

Kevin’s event is Cannmed, currently taking place at UCLA this week.

Next we’re joined by Naomi Brockwell (37:30). Naomi is a film and television producer for John Stossel; she also hosts her own Youtube show on blockchain, bitcoin, and technology. Her newest project is a crypto thriller noir series called Hard Fork. She discovered the project through Steemit, where she connected with Doug Karr, an alumni of the Sundance festival, and Christopher James Baker (of the television series, Ozarks) as they were putting together this blockchain sci fi thriller. Like Kevin McKernan, they also received funding from the Dash DAO, and they’ve raised their first million dollars. The show is still in development. They will go into production and are hoping for a release at the end of 2019. Follow Naomi on social media (@NaomiBrockwell) or check out to stay updated.

Naomi says of the Hard Fork series: “I wanted to get involved because all you hear about with crypto is the negative. ‘Oh it’s a bubble. Everyone in crypto is a loser.’ The mainstream media just talks about the drug dealers and money launderers and how they’re awful. But blockchain is the most empowering technology we’ve seen in the last hundred years. This is a way to decentralize trust. This is a way to completely revolutionize the traditional financial sector. Please do not discount this. Let’s talk about all the ways that this can change lives, how this can give people back more freedom, more financial autonomy. So I think getting in control of that narrative and creating a mainstream-audience-accessible series that actually looks at the way this can be a really empowering tech is what drew me to the project.”

Cheers to that!

Naomi came to cryptocurrency from a background in Austrian economics, in which economists like F.A. Hayek were eerily prescient about cryptocurrency. Speaking of economics, I’ll be seeing Naomi next on the Contra Cruise! Comment below if you’ll be there. Josh is missing out, but he’s helping with the Bitcoin Lightning Network Hack Day in New York.

(56:00) Finally, we discuss Steemit, alternative social media, the recent Facebook purge of many libertarian pages and outlets, and how other activists have struggled with banning on various platforms. Naomi is a big fan of BitChute, an alternative to Youtube. If you’re interested in more on these topics, check out another recent episode of The Tatiana Show, in which I interviewed Bill Ottman of and Matt Asher of

Thanks so much to my co-host Joshua Scigala, and our awesome guests! We hope you enjoy the episode!

About the Guests:

Kevin has spent his career researching and developing various DNA sequencing technologies in both the research and clinical industries. Additionally, Kevin has had a parallel interest in driving the tools used for personalized medicine into the world of cannabis medicine. Kevin believes the intersection of personalized medicine, genomics, blockchains and cannabis is one of the most exciting growth opportunities in our lifetime.

Kevin is the CSO and Founder of Medicinal Genomics and has pioneered the genomics of cannabis and hemp to build a stronger scientific environment ( for the study of cannabis based therapeutics and blockchain technologies for tracking and verifying cannabis genetics. Previously, Kevin was the CSO of Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc., and held the position of Vice President and Director of R&D of Life Technologies where he managed the development of Life Technologies next generation SOLID sequencing technology. Integral to the SOLID R&D process, Kevin oversaw over 100 research collaborations exploring the new biological frontiers with next generation sequencing and saw particular excitement and traction in human tumor sequencing. Kevin initiated an R&D project to investigate chemFET semiconductor based DNA sequencing and spearheaded a process to acquire the DNA sequencing  company Ion Torrent for $350M. These collaborations resulted in hundreds of publications and 7 journal covers from Science Translational Medicine to Nature.

Kevin was the President and CSO of Agencourt Personal Genomics, a startup company he co-founded in 2005 to invent revolutionary sequencing technologies that dropped the cost of sequencing a human genome from $300M to $3,000; a 100,000-fold improvement in sequencing speed and cost in a few years. Kevin oversaw the growth and research of APG until it was sold to Applied BioSystems. In 2000, Kevin Co-Founded Agencourt Biosciences Corporation and acted as the CSO until 2005 where it was acquired by Beckman Coulter. From 1996 to 2000 Kevin managed the Research and Development for the Human Genome Project at Whitehead Institute/MIT resulting in several patents for nucleic acid purification. Kevin holds a B.S. in Biology from Emory University with a focus on cloning and expressing Norepinephrine Transporters. When not decoding DNA and unraveling the mysteries of cannabis medicine, Kevin enjoys boating, skiing, and gardening.

Naomi Brockwell is a film and television producer, and host of the show “Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Technologies of our Future”. She is a producer for Stossel, a producer for the TV series HardFork, and formerly produced for Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel.

Naomi is the co-founder of The Soho Forum, on the Advisory Council at the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, and in 2017 was awarded Uber’s “Young Libertarian of the Year” at the Friedman Conference.

She has produced numerous award-winning feature films, including the 2015 feature documentary Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (Best International Documentary, Anthem Film Festival; Winner of Special Jury Prize, Amsterdam Film Festival), Audition (Best documentary, Lone Star Film Festival) and the Lionsgate thriller, Subconscious.

Check out her daily videos at

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The Tatiana Show- Frederick Steinmann, Lyn Ulbricht, Chris Eley & Rafael Hauxley

This week we had a lot of action, a lot of fun, and a lot of guests spanning a variety of topics.  Special thanks to our sponsor Use the code ”Moroz” to get the promo from the show. We had our friend Lyn Ulbricht back on to give us the latest update on Ross.  We remind everyone to sign the petition to help him get clemency for his double life sentence for all non-violent charges, which you can find here. 

Frederick, who is a relatively new, but very cool friend came on the show talking about Mondo.NYC which focused on music and tech.  As a performer and panelist, I was really excited to learn more about what to expect. Fred is really enthusiastic and I look forward to having him back on!

Chris told me all about the latest news at the LTB Network, as well as the upcoming Nashville conference Distributed Health (  He has great energy, just like the rest of the BTC Media team.  Plus, who doesn’t love Nashville!

Finally, Rafael told us all about what it’s like to live life off of one bitcoin!  What a whirlwind of travel, we can’t wait till his video is released. Learn where to support him and possibly gain visibility for your brand with the links below.  

About the Guests:

Lyn Ulbricht is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, a peaceful 33-year old and alleged creator of the Silk Road website. Ross was sentenced to double life without parole for all non-violent charges.

Since Ross’ arrest Lyn has strived to direct awareness beyond the sensationalism to issues at stake and how the case impacts freedom in the digital age. She has spoken at numerous events; appeared on many TV, radio and podcast shows, including Reason TV, CNN, HuffPost Live and Fox; and conducted interviews with major and alternative media, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Guardian. She is also featured in the documentary Deep Web.  

When not working to raise awareness, Lyn focuses on raising funds for Ross’s appeal through

Frederick Steinmann has advised early stage tech, media and crypto companies in matters of accounting, finance, tax, strategy and business development.  From 2004-2007 Fred worked at Cohn Reznick on music, media, tech and hospitality clients. At the 7 years Fred spent at Blackstone implemented technology and processes to scale from a private company to a public company and was a key member of the finance team.  Fred first learned about Ethereum in 2016, but did not buy, at a crowd funding conference at Baruch College. In October 2017 Fred decided to go all in with implementation of Blockchain technology to rebuild the Financial infrastructure in the Media & Entertainment industries.  It is Fred’s mission to find new ways to discover talent and create new financial eco system. Fred joined Mondo.NYC in February 2017 and is a partner responsible to find and develop business relationships, operations, strategy and finance.

Christopher Eley is a chemist turned nuclear engineer, turned web developer, turned crypto sales guy.

Rafael Hauxley traveled around the world … On 1 Bitcoin. 18 countries, 12 months, 1 Bitcoin.

Rafael was born in Poland, grew up in Portland. Just a few letters different — but worlds apart. He learned about Bitcoin in 2011 — he didn’t understand until all the way in 2017. Since then he dedicated his resources, passion, and curiosity to the blockchain — and how it’ll give people around the world true financial freedom.

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The Tatiana Show – CoinDaddy & Chris Tse of CardStack

YouTube Video Here!

Topics Include:
— Decentralization and user-friendly solutions for crypto currencies
— Open Source and shared experiences
— Pop-culture, music and Bitcoin
— The art of ‘hodling’ BitCoin

About the Guests:
CoinDaddy got his start in Cryptocurrency in 2013 as an investor and entrepreneur. In 2017 he decided to meme his way into celebrity status by donning a fake fur coat and making Bitcoin raps, music and becoming the official hype-man of Crypto. He received tremendous media coverage and has been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, Bloomberg, CNBC, XXL Magazine, and more. He is currently working with CNBC to develop original Cryptocurrency programming.

Chris Tse is a technologist by trade, a designer in practice, and an entrepreneur at heart. Chris has been a designer and architect of “Digital Ecosystems”, from decentralized blockchain applications, to federated cloud-based platforms. He is also the Founding Director of the Cardstack project, leading the creation of the experience layer of the decentralized Internet that will serve as the onramp to blockchain-based economy for the mass market. Chris is the co-founder of Monegraph, where he leads the development of decentralized digital markets that span across the world of art, social media, and commerce. He also leads the technical team at Dot Blockchain Media, applying the open-sourced tools for orchestrating workflows and data flows between enterprise systems and distributed ledgers to the music industry and beyond.

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Joshua Scigala

The most handsome of all co-hosts, and so insightful!  Joshua breaks up the conversation with jokes and technical insights.

Silk Road

The Tatiana Show – Dr. Robert Murphy

Topics include:
–“The Effect of Trump on the Economy”
–“Government and the Environment”
–“The Failed Health System”
–“The Russian Election Hacks”

About the Guest:
Robert Murphy is a Research Assistant Professor at the Free Market Institute (FMI) at Texas Tech University. Dr. Murphy earned his B.A. in economics from Hillsdale College and his Ph.D. in economics from New York University. He is currently the Senior Economist at the Institute for Energy Research, where he writes a frequent column on the economics of climate change. Dr. Murphy also serves as Senior Fellow with the Fraser Institute, Associated Scholar with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. He and best-selling author Tom Woods also host a weekly podcast, Contra Krugman, in which they critique the New York Times column of economist Paul Krugman from alternative economic perspectives.

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The Tatiana Show – Fergus Hodgson Of Antigua International & John Massaria Of Good Pixel Productions

Topics include:
–“Cultural Marxism in Latin America”
–“American Exceptionalism”
–“Activism and Documentaries”
–“I Love My Country But Hate What They Are Doing”

About the Guests:

Fergus Hodgson is the roving editor of Gold Newsletter and the founder and chief executive of Antigua International, a consulting firm that connects the Americas. He is also a research fellow with the Tax Revolution Institute in Washington, DC, and a blogger with the Fraser Institute in Canada. He studied economics at Boston University, political science at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, and Cuban history at the University of Miami. His articles have appeared in US newspapers such as the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Charlotte Observer, and Washington Times, and in online outlets such as the American Conservative, World Net Daily, and He is a citizen of Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand, where he grew up, and lives in Argentina.

John Massaria – filmmaker and peaceful activist for positive change. Notable films include in person interviews with NSA whistle blower William Binney with Richard Grove. Videos with Dr.Paul Craig Roberts and Patrick Wood. In person interviews for Seal Team Six Extortion 17 Documentary. Interviews with Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Kill The Messenger). In person interviews with DEA/CIA Agent Whistleblowers Hector Berrellez, and CIA Whistleblower Ray McGovern. In depth interviews with William Still known for the Money Masters and Bill Blum (pronounced “Bloom”) an outstanding author. Jessie Ventura in person interview in NYC for over one hour. And this week I will be interviewing/filming NIST whistleblower Peter Ketcham for A&E for 911 Truth. Currently working on full featured film, “I Love My Country but Hate What They Are Doing”.

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The Tatiana Show – Dr. Lozano of TNBX & Mike of BitStashers

YouTube video here!

Topics include:
–“The Importance of Small Business Securities”
–“The History of Business Funding”
–“Growing the Community”
–“Making Wallets Easy”

About the Guests:
Dr. Benjamin Lozano is Co-Founder & CEO of True North Business Exchange, the world’s first smart contract-executed public platform for buying and selling US small business financial securities. Benjamin has been Professor in Finance and Political Economy at SF State University, was former CPO at RHS, and financial engineer at RHC hedge fund. As Curriculum Coordinator for the Bruce Initiative on Rethinking Capitalism, Benjamin built an interdisciplinary finance program at UC Santa Cruz. He’s authored a manual on the ontology of structured finance, titled Of Synthetic Finance (Routledge, Frontiers of Political Economy, 2014).

– Mike is a trained Industrial Designer with big passions for Bitcoin as well as the Maker movement. He decided to mix his two passions and create BitStashers, which is a website to purchase cold storage wallet solutions for cryptocurrencies. They offer custom designs and love to work with groups and organizations to help spread awareness anyway they can. Coming up in April, BitStashers will be sponsoring CoinFestUK2017 and they will also have some fun things planned. Mike is a born and bred designer with a passion for bitcoin that hopes to bring the digital side of Bitcoin into the tangible side of the real world!

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