The Tatiana Show #253 Prepperpalooza Part 2

  You didn’t think we could fit all of the PREPPERPALOOZA fun into just one episode, did you? After a really informative kickoff on Part 1 of Prepperpalooza, Tatiana and Josh are joined by Army veteran Dionna Bailey, Air Force veteran Kristen Megan, nursing professional Alyze Sam, musicians Dianna Zinni, Jeremy Myers, Jordan Page, comedian Mike Salvi, crypto podcasters Alexandra Moxin and Lea Thompson, and Volta Market CEO, Michael Horowitz. Our […]

The Tatiana Show #252 Prepperpalooza Part 1

  The Tatiana Show goes full on prepper in this COVID-19 quarantine #Prepperpalooza episode. Tatiana and Josh are joined by Emily Chesher, Kevin McKernan of Medicinal Genomics, Lyn Ulbricht of Free Ross, Juan S Galt and Anastasiya of Be Your Own Vault, Michelle Ray and Kenny Hitt of Gulchcast, Sasha Hodder & DJ J Scrilla of Rare Scrilla, Alyze Sam of GIVE Nation, and Mad Bitcoins for a lively discussion about life under lockdown, keeping healthy during the coronavirus pandemic, and getting prepared […]

The Tatiana Show Hosts #PREPPERPALOOZA Online April 5th

Preppers are having a moment and we want in on the fun!  The Tatiana Show will be livestreaming hours of interviews, live music performances, and the basics of disaster preparedness in the form of Prepping 101. Guests include: Tatiana Moroz of The Tatiana Show and Proof of Love Lyn Ulbricht of Free Ross Josh Scigala […]

The Tatiana Show #248 DJ J Scrilla

Josh is back with Tatiana to chat with our friend and returning guest, DJ J Scrilla on the latest episode of the Tatiana Show.  Scrilla has been a DJ and record producer for over 20 years and, since discovering crypto in 2013, has been a main player in the crypto art and music scene. He […]

The Tatiana Show #235 David Skarica and Gabriel Kurman from LABitConf

On a special two-part episode of The Tatiana Show, Tatiana sits down with Gabriel Kurman from the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference and also David Skarica, founder of the online newsletter Addicted to Profits from the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas. First up is a chat with Gabriel Kurman from the Latin American Bitcoin and […]

The Tatiana Show #196 Bailey Reutzel & Crypto Stars

  This was a great episode where we talk to some of the stars who will be performing at the upcoming Crypto Stars Event this Saturday! We are joined by David Weiss of media partner Sonicscoop, Filmmaker Christopher Arcella & Bailey Reutzel of Coindesk. David and I reminisce about his early entrance into the crypto […]

The Tatiana Show – Danny Brown Wolf of Cool Cousin

YouTube Video Here! Topics include: — A little visit to Nashville — Upcoming events in the crypto-currency arena — Blockchain technology news and updates — Traveling and reliable rating systems About the Guests: – Danny Brown Wolf is the ICO Project Director, North America at Cool Cousin. If you like this content, please send a […]

The Tatiana Show – George Burke, Chandra Duggirala of Tides & Sunny Ray of UnoCoin

YouTube video here! Topics include: — Insurance through peer-to-peer and blockchain technology. — Empowering the individual through free-market solutions. — Bitcoin and the challenges of navigating regulations foreign and domestic. About the Guests: — Chandra Duggirala and George Burke are the founders of Tides, a distributed network of peer-to-peer insurance, which puts the power of […]

The Tatiana Show – Cally Ulbricht, Nena Whitfield of Ladies of Liberty Alliance & Julie Borowski

Topics Include: –“BeautyCounter Products and the Silk Road Case” –“Ladies of Liberty” –“Free Speech” –“Concerns with Libertarians Going to the Alt-Right” About the Guests: – Cally Ulbricht is with Beautycounter. Beautycounter creates safer and effective skin care and cosmetics for women and families. They meticulously screen their ingredients for safety, and stand on transparency of […]