Feat. Dash Force News and Crypto Rockstars – The Tatiana Show Ep. 148

  Hey y’all!  I really enjoyed talking with everyone today, and I know Josh did too 🙂  I have been interested in the use of cryptocurrency in South America, but we got a peek into Dash in Venezuela, arguably one of the most fertile grounds for this new technology.  In the midst of the horror, […]

Luis Molina of Fermat – The Tatiana Show Ep. 118

Topics include: – Spreading BitCoin worldwide About the Guest: – Luis Molina is the founder of Fermat and CEO of BitDubai. Fermat is a p2p financial application framework that allows standalone crypto wallets to evolve into any kind of trust-less financial applications and BitDubai is a network of developers, designers and academics building the first implementation […]