The Tatiana Show – Robert Viglione of ZenCash & Charles Hoskinson of IOHK

YouTube video here! Topics Include: –“Cordano” –“The Importance of Doing Business in Cryptocurrency” –“What is a DAG?” –“Philosophy in Blockchain” About the Guests: – Robert Viglione is a Co-founder of ZenCash, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency hyperfocused on usability, and President of the Zen Blockchain Foundation where I’m helping “Uberize” finance, create a freer, fairer, and nicer […]

The Tatiana Show – Matt McKibbin of D10E & Liz Reitzig of

YouTube video here! Topics include: – the different beliefs in Bitcoin among the Bitcoin community – the future of Blockchain in real estate – getting farmers to adapt to technology – the role of government in the farming industry About the Guests: – Matt McKibbin has been discussing liberty, bitcoin, and decentralized applications hosting his […]